Performance Management Expert
The Author’s Background

Neil Clark Neil Clark is a performance management expert. He has spent nearly 40 years learning his trade in the real world and can speak from experience.

Nearly half that time was with a multinational computer company. Starting in Melbourne, Australia, he held managerial posts in Sydney and Brisbane. He was then transferred to Hong Kong with responsibilities across South East Asia for several years.

Following that, he returned to the Sydney headquarters. Over the next several years he was responsible for major product announcements and marketing strategies throughout the Asia/Pacific region.

In addition to this corporate experience, Neil also ran several successful businesses of his own. More recently, has been working with a specialised niche-market recruitment company as Marketing Director.

The Author’s Observations

“I discovered early in my people-management career that being ‘a manager’ was very different than what I had expected.

“I found myself spending more time handling people-situations than seemed reasonable. So much so, that I found my daily activities overwhelmed by these problems. I was working a 60 to 80 hour week, but was still not able to keep my head above water.

“Not good for the home and family life!

“I soon learned, however, that the key to handling people problems was to keep a very close eye on my employees’ abilities to produce results. Once I focussed on this aspect, I found I could resolve those people-problems much more effectively.

“Eventually I was able to get more done at work and, as a result, was able to spend more time with my family”

You too can get out from under the management “treadmill”. The basic principles are set out in the easy-to-understand articles in this website.

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