Management EBook

"The Overworked Manager's Rescue Package"

Get this management ebook covering all aspects of Performance Management, from hiring to managing, motivation, appraisal and termination of employees.

This really is "Performance Management Made Easy". It is also a genuine rescue package for any overworked manager!

The Benefits

Management EBook Needed

  • Get more done in your job.

  • Reduce your management headaches.
  • Cut down on those 60 hour weeks!
  • Have more time to spend with your family.
  • Get a far better hit-rate when hiring new staff.
  • Reduce the risk of losing your best people.
  • Handle your people management with far greater ease.
  • Lear how to create long-term motivation in your staff.
  • Turn appraisals into an easy task!
  • Find out how to handle those problem employees.
  • Handle staff terminations with more peace of mind.

The Content

This ebook contains all of the material on this website (as at January 2015). And, as major changes and additions are made to the site, we will send you an updated version of the ebook at no extra charge.

The 170 pages of content are fully cross-referenced in PDF format, so it is easy to navigate around.

Get the whole website in an easy-to-read form that you can print out, or read right on your screen.


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Plus 3 Free Bonuses!

As a special reward for taking advantage of this offer, you will also receive three free bonuses:

Bonus #1

"How to Live on 24 Hours a Day" by Arnold Bennett. This is a brilliantly humorous approach to a deadly serious subject. As one reviewer wrote: "This book is small, but mighty. It says a lot, and it's the sort of book that can be used by everyone, from one end of society to the other. Not enough time in the day? Not after reading this gem." It sells today for around $25, but is your for free when you order "The Overworked Manager's Rescue Package" today!

Bonus #2

"Increasing Human Efficiency in Business", by Walter Dill Scott, who is considered one of the founders of modern Industrial Psychology. It is an in-depth study of how to increase the productivity and efficiency of your staff, with many practical examples. This book still carries a high sales ranking on Amazon and sells for around $32. It is also yours to keep when you order "The Overworked Manager's Rescue Package" today!

Bonus #3

"Acres of Diamonds", by Russell H. Conwell, with additional biographical articles by Robert Shackleton. The main article ("Acres of Diamonds") is a transcript of a highly inspirational lecture that was delivered by Conwell over 6,000 times during the course of his career. Imagine a subject being so popular that it continued to draw full houses after 6,000 deliveries! This book, including the Shackleton biographies, normally sells for around $23, but you get it for free when you order "The Overworked Manager's Rescue Package" today!

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