Performance Management
Are You an Overworked Manager???

What does Performance Management mean? In simple terms, it means managing by results, but that covers an awful lot of ground.

We are going to break it down into easy-to-understand components; a complete performance management system. Included are lots of practical tips and techniques that will help you manage your people.

The major benefit of all this is more time for you as a manager.

Ask yourself the following questions: Overworked Manager

  • Are you an overworked manager?
  • Do you find yourself working long hours; drastically reducing your family (or “play”) time?
  • When you hire people, do you sometimes get it wrong and hire a dud?
  • Would you like to get the best out of all of your people, so that your area of control thrives?
  • How much easier would it be if you didn’t lose your best people?
  • Do you spend more time than you would like to in handling “problems” in your team?
  • Do you find it difficult to appraise your staff and give them a fair assessment?
  • Is terminating staff a chore you dread?

All of these questions, and many more, are answered here. It all comes down to managing your people with a keen eye on their actual production of results.

I have spent nearly 40 years of my life in management.

Almost half of that time was with a multinational computer company. The other half was spent running my own businesses and working with a specialised, niche-market recruitment agency.

The data in this website comes from the school of hard knocks!



Neil I. Clark

What Is Performance?
Just what is performance anyway? By clearly understanding this, your life as a manager will be so much easier.
Hiring Employees: How to Recruit Performers
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New Employee: How to Get Them Started.
To bring the best out of your new employee, apply performance management techniques to their orientation.
Performance Management System: How to Manage Top Performers
Your performance management system must take into account how you train, support and keep your top performers.
Motivating Employees: What’s the Secret?
Motivating employees is a greatly misunderstood subject. How do you generate enthusiasm, attitude and motivation in your people?
Employee Appraisal: How to Get it Right.
Employee appraisal can be tricky. How do you properly validate good performance and correct poor performance?
Terminating Employees: How to Let Your People Go
Terminating employees is never easy. You need to understand the why and how of this, as well as how fast you should act in different situations.
Human Resources Articles
Here are some human resources articles on performance management: tips and techniques to help you answer those every-day questions.
Performance Management Expert: The Author’s Background
Neil Clark is a performance management expert. He has spent nearly 40 years learning his trade in the real world and can speak from experience.
Management EBook covering all aspects of Performance Management.
A management ebook covering all aspects of Performance Management, from hiring to managing, motivation, appraisals and termination of employees.
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